Thursday, January 17, 2008


Today, as I was driving to work I experienced something I had never seen before. It was scary, frightening, and shocking. Last night it snowed just a little bit, enough to cover roofs, but not enough to even cover the yards. I was thinking to myself, "why in the world is 5-40 backed up so far"? People around here do tend to freak out a little bit when it snows, so I figured that is what everyone was doing.
Anyways, all that to say I was going about 5mi/hr, just eating a blueberry muffin, and then BAM- I see a car flying across the median, flipping in the air, and then lands right next to my car. I could not even believe my eyes that this had just happened. I was in total shock, did not know what to do. Then another car come flying across the median and almost hits the car behind me. 3 People from the other side stopped and were already at the car checking on the person. I definitely should have stopped to get out, but like I said I just did not realize really what had just happened. All I could do was pray for that person. I still do not know if they are okay.
It really shook me up for the rest of the day. All I could think about was that could have been me. That single moment could have changed my life forever, whether that be if I would ever see the next day, or if I would be able to walk, talk, or use my arms and hands again. I really began thinking, is my life right with the Lord, what was the last thing I told Marc and my family. It really put things in perspective for me. I know the Lord used this example to get my attention, my attention towards Him, my attention towards life. We should always know that we may not get the next day, so make-up with your family, friends, co-workers, etc!

Friday, January 11, 2008

New at this!

We are very new at this, but we are excited to learn and share our lives with others! So be patient...