Thursday, September 18, 2008

A BIG scare!

So the other day Marc had to travel to Indiana for a business trip. He had to go and pick up a custom trailer that Signature bank had ordered. He left on a Wednesday morning and was to return home sometime on Friday. (On a side note- Marc HATES driving and he is pretty much a narcoleptic when it comes to him driving by himself, which is exactly what he was doing.) On Thursday around 8pm I talked to him and he had just picked up the trailer. He decided he was going to go ahead and start heading back. He told me that he would just drive until he got tired and then pull over at a hotel to get a little sleep. I then talked to him again at 12 midnight, he asked me if I could please look up the weather for him and so I did. Gustav was blowing in and it looked as if he would be driving through A LOT of nasty weather. I tried not to worry too much, because I felt assured he would just drive a couple more hours past St. Louis. He said he would text me or call me when he stopped. I looked at my phone at 5 am- NO text, NO call, NO message. I called him at 8 am- NO Answer. I text him at 8:30, NO response. I was thinking well he probably forgot or he just passed out as soon as he stopped at the hotel. Then I check my phone at 10:30- NADA, NOTHING from him. Then I begin to panic. I literally freak out in my head. I have all of these awful thoughts that my life is going to be over, and many other worse things. So then I begin thinking what should I do I thought to myself, I will just go down to his office, get some numbers, chew them out for not letting someone else go with him, and make them help me! I know- real rational, but I seriously had no clue where he was and No clue what to do. I was thinking surely he is on the side of the road in a ditch and dying or dead. Because the last thing I could think about was what terrible weather he would be having to drive through.

FINALLY- 11am rolls around and HE calls. I immediately start crying uncontrollably, soo thankful that he was safe and alive! He said, "I'm so sorry my phone went dead about 4 hours ago and I drove throughout the night. I figured this might look bad, but there was nothing I could do."
I really didn't care at this point, I was just so relieved to hear his voice. Later that day I began to think- wait there was something he could have done! Such as A. Call from a payphone or B. Call me from his work phone as soon as he got there. (he had been at work almost an hour before he called).
All that to say, I wasn't too mad, I was seriously just thankful that he was alive and that I still had a husband. I did realize through this incident that I really, really LOVE him a lot and I don't know what I would do without him!


Anonymous said...

What a punk... :) JK... but seriously, teach him how to use that pay phone. love you - lf