Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We are back!

The cruise was simply amazing, relaxing, and fun! We seriously had a blast. This was the first family vacation we have taken since Marc and I have been dating. It was super fun, and of course my parents are always a blast to be around. The boat was awesome. We would highly recommend the Carnival freedom ship to anyone. The ship was massive- 12 stories high and the length of 3 football fields. It had tons of fun stuff to do on it. Our favorite things were the food, laying out on the deck, and the casino!
Here was the run down of our schedule- it was ideal!

Day 1- leave from ft. lauderdale on a Sunday
Day 2- Key West (Tons of shopping)
Day 3- Day at Sea (lots of laying out)
Day 4- Grand Cayman (Swam with sting rays and chartered a power boat- soo fun)
Day 5- Jamaica (Dunns river falls and swam with Dolphins- AMAZING)
Day 6- Day at Sea
Day 7- Come home on a Saturday :(

Here is the link to the album I posted on facebook!
Enjoy: Click here


oh little leah said...

Glad you guys had a fun time! Eric and I are going on a cruise in January and absolutely cannot wait!