Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My new adventure

Hellooo friends! I know it has been awhile but a big reason I have slowed down on blogging is because I started this new "thing" called Plexus. I saw a friend post about it a little while back on facebook. I was so desperately trying to lose weight from the awful fertility drugs and then the pregnancy weight. I had tried some products called advocare for a couple of months and lost around 6lbs but then it came right back. The more I saw this friend post, the more I was intrigued. So I decided to try it for a month. After that I was hooked! I lost 8lbs in 6 weeks and then just kept losing from then on out. I'm now currently down 25lbs and have seriously never felt better. It has been life changing. I'll save all of that for another post, but my husband is taking it too and is down 14lbs and has been able to go gluten free and now has no more headaches. He used to have them daily and now doesn't!! AHHMAZING. It has been a game changer for us for lots of health reasons but also for financial reasons. I was worried I needed to go back to work b/c we were draining our savings each month so I was determined to make something work. I felt like this was doable for me since I was having so much success with the products and truly believed in them. So all of that to say it is now my job and I'm loving it! It has been a blast and super easy. I also love that I am able to contribute financially again for our fam. It came at such a great time for me and could not be more thankful for it. I also can't believe I'm just now blogging about it b/c I could literally talk about it for dayzzz!

Anyways if anyone is interested in sheddin some lbs or making some $$! Check out my website: or  Email me at mlyountspinkdrink@gmail{dot}com it could be the best decision ever you ever make {at least i'm not dramatic}!

I could go on and on bit will save it for another day! Hope you all are doing awesome.

this pic absolutely makes me want to cringe! Like want to crawl in a BIG hole!!!


momof3miracles said...

Is this available to ship to Canada? I am very interested... you can email me at glad to see you are all doing well !!!

Michelle Yount said...

We do ship to Canada, I tried sending an email but it didn't go through...
email me at mlyountspinkdrink@yahoo{dot}com