Friday, June 27, 2008

Its official!

Well its official! We have found a new house and officially made the offer which was officially accepted! So... I have really had some mixed emotions about all of this, but I know it will be good a thing. It is really sad to think about leaving our very fist house we built and lived in. We made it just to our liking, and everything was custom, which I have learned in this house shopping that it makes a huge difference!

In this process, we really feel like the Lord gave us great direction. We had an awesome opportunity to build and then an even better opportunity to buy. The guy came way down off of the original price, so it really made sense to go ahead and buy since the market is way down. We are blessed to have been able to sell our house.

The house is in an awesome neighborhood, with great friends, awesome walking trails, and in a great school district! This house has a fenced in back yard and deck, which Louie will absolutely love, along with me! That is probably my favorite thing!!!
We will most likely be moving the very beginning of August.


kate said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see the new house! We are here to help with any of the moving stuff. And I look forward to reading your blog! It's hard for me sometimes to figure out what to write since I don't have any kids or pets to talk about, but it's fun anyways! Hopefully we will see you two soon!