Sunday, November 16, 2008


Well this past weekend my mom, my sister, and I went to Branson! We have taken Branson trips for years, well for as long as I can remember. We always go opening weekend of hunting season because the men in our lives always leave us! So to pass the time, we go spend their money! We love, love to SHOP. I mean shop til we drop. We can shop for hours upon hours, days upon days. While we do this hardcore shopping, we find deals and sales like you wouldn't believe. I am the best bargain shopper there ever was, because I learned from the master- aka my mother and because I have been practicing for years! I seriously have a hard time paying more than $20 for shirt. I know some might think that is "unheard" of, but it can be done. You can be mostly fashionable for a reasonable price! This weekend was great to find deals, gap and banana were having the friends and family 30% off sale, plus everything in the store was already 30-40% off! It was amazing. We had way too much fun.
To start off our trip, we high hopes in some fun plans. Come to find out, the odds were very against us. I really don't know why, but they were. First, we decided to go check into our hotel, come to find out they put us down for the wrong nights and were completely booked for that night. Second, we were planning on going to Silver Dollar city (or steal your dollar city as Marc would say), but it was raining ALL day. So instead we went shopping of course. When we got there mom accidentally locked the keys in the car, had to call 3 different locksmiths- fun times. Thirdly, We ended up going to Silver Dollar city on Sat. in the bitter cold, it actually flurried while we were on Thunderation. And lastly we were signed up for one of the cooking classes at the new Culinary school at SDC, but the people that gave us our confirmation # also gave us the wrong time, therefore we missed a really awesome cooking class, which I had been so excited about. Even after all of that, we really did have a great time. It all became pretty humorous by the 2nd day!

Culinary School- look at that Kitchen!

Hand blown glass

Mom and Meg

T.A. and Meg

Yay for new, warm boots!

Ran into some crazy friends! The Goforths and Martins

Thank you mom for a fun and wonderful shopping trip!