Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hostess with the Mostess

Today marks the 6th consecutive day of Hostessing the mostess people in my house in 1 week!

It all started on Friday when these beautiful girls came to stay with me for our pi phi centennial celebration! Mare and Kirstin are some of my oldest, dearest friends, and of course my pi phi sisters. We have all known each other since pre-school. WOW, we go WAY back. It was a blast catching up with them. (More on my fun pi phi weekend in a different post)

I had these yummy Ricks cookies waiting for them at the house to start off our fun weekend!

They left Monday morning around 9 and then I hosted a team "fun day" at my house at 9:30 for the people I work with. There are about 12 of us total. We also celebrated 3 birthdays with some yummy Ricks cakes. They had their very own so they would each feel special. I designed their cakes according to their personalities. We had a great day hanging out and playing games!

Monday night my mom came in town, and Marc had guys over to play poker.
Tuesday night my sister was playing in the state volleyball championship in Siloam Springs. She played her last volleyball game ever because she is a senior. The coach asked me to have everyone over afterwards because I am the only one she knows in this area with a house. (She was my coach for 6 yrs and she was Megan's coach for 6yrs. I think I probably owed it to her after her putting up with us for so many years!) Soo... After the game, the WHOLE team came over to my house for dinner. That would be a total of about 30 people in my house. WOW again. I did not cook, Marc's step dad, Keith came over and made some yummy BBQ, beans, and potatoes! It was fabulous.

Yes this was in front of my house...

Tonight, being Wednesday night, I'm hosting community group at my house!

Tomorrow being Thursday- Marc and I are hosting a table at the Loving Choices banquet. (I guess that doesn't count since its not really at my house, but still!)

After all of this hosting the mostess people ever I feel like this:

Lets just say I'm looking forward to my weekend of nothingness!