Saturday, October 31, 2009

Shopping on Saturday

Today marc and I went with our friends matt and kara hartness (aka future neighbors) to help them find some things for their new house! I'm so excited about their new house because she has let me help them pick out and do a lot of design stuff for their house. Of course with the help of my mothers assistance since she is the pro and all! She has taught me everything I know about decorating. I really enjoy it and love to help others. I remeber when we built our 1st house and was so clueless, but being that my dad is an amazing builder and mom is an incredible decorator, I have learned a few things.
All that to say I feel like the hartnesses house has become my baby ( my project). I have become way too emotionally involved but loving every second of it. They are a couple of weeks out until move in, but I will post pics of the finished project when its completed!
So today we got some important items that were a must have!
We went to io metro in Rogers and found an amazing dining table for 50% off and some beautiful chairs to go with it. Plus we got a decorator discount of 10% from my mom. I have decided I am a pro at spending other peoples money! But at least I make them get good deals so really I save them money in the end!

Fun chairs

Truck loaded! Karas pumped!

Funky legs of the table

And one of my favorite things that will be going in the house... Her awesome uttermost pendants that my mom and I picked out! They are just gorgeous!

Can't wait to see the finished project with all the fun goodies we have found! (for less)!

Here is a sneak peak of the outside!!!

Have a great weekend!

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