Monday, February 22, 2010


I sit here in utter amazement, with tears welling up in my eyes, and a huge lump in my throat. I truly have never heard a story like it.

Let me give a quick preface.
 At community group we are doing a study called "Stuck." It has been wonderful so far. Jennie Allen wrote the study. It is not yet published but should be soon. She conducted this study at and each week at our group we listen to her podcasts. This last one was on Discontentment. That word sometimes makes me feel a little nauseous. As she was speaking, she brought up this girl named Katie and her blog.

Katie is a girl who up and moved to Uganda because the Lord called her to do this. She is 21 years old and has adopted 14 children. She lived a normal life and intended only to stay there for 1 year. She is now going to live there forever. Her story just simply blows my socks off. It is so powerful. She has SACRIFICED everything of what a "normal" life looks life. She believes nothing is sacrifice in light of eternity with Christ.

And for me to sit here today, knowing everyday I think about ridiculous things, such as coveting other peoples clothes, blogs, or what size they are. How unfortunate that I am that selfish. Knowing that I sacrifice nothing everyday to spend eternity with Christ, but yet He still loves me.
I want to hear Him to say one day, "Well done my good and faithful servant, I am so proud of you."
This story has truly opened my eyes. It will make me think twice about when I need to go shopping or if I'm feeling jealous of something or someone.
I also think, how do I get to that point of being willing to sacrifice and being willing to go anywhere. There is a song we sing at church, "Where you lead me Lord I will follow, where you lead me Lord I will go." I most of the time don't sing that part becasue I know I would not just up and go if I was called too and I know that I'm not willing yet, but I sure need to get there. I think the hardest thing is praying for the Lord to break you of something, not knowing what it is or could be. But knowing that He will and knowing that is what makes us stronger in our faith, and that is when sacrifice comes into play.

Although I know some of you already know of her, I just wanted to share her story because of how powerful it truly is. Go to her blog and read some of her posts if you haven't ever. They are life-changing and will make you weep.



kate said...

A friend of mine who spent a year in Uganda shared this with me a few months ago...I haven't stopped thinking about it since. What a challenge. Thanks for reminding me of it once again!

Katie said...

Love this post friend! Thanks for your vulnerable words.

Jenny and Mark Bradley said...

The blog is amazing. Seriously, amazing! We all have to pray that God will work in our hearts to give us love for HIM and love for OTHERS over ourselves...Easier said then done.