Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Storm 2010

Well last year in 2009, we had a huge ice storm, little did we know we would have another storm just 1 year later. Good thing there was much less ice, still some, but not a ton!

It was a great snow weekend. Friday, Marc and I both worked from home. Marc also smoked a ton of meats. He smoked deer meat, 4 chickens, and some sausage. We had quite the feast with our neighbors.

On saturay, we played like a bunch of kids. We did some 4-wheeling, sledding, donuts, shoveling. It was the ultimate snow day.


guys working hard on their snowman

Finished Product...

Then saturday night we went to Savor to celebrate Aubrey and Katies brthdays! Even all the snow didnt keep people from turning out for their birthday bash.

Happy Birthday Katie! She is 25 today (Feb 1st). She also has just launched a new blog. It is called, "From Passys to Parties and everything in between". Check it out here! It is wonderful and full of great ideas and of course cute pics of Sawyer!
Marc Snowboarding behind the 4-wheeler