Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Catching up with the Keys

This past Sunday, we had the opportunity to host a couple of Fayetteville community groups at our house. Mainly only one showed up, but it turned out be a wonderful get together.
We hosted the Keys who do mission work in Kansas City on one of the college campuses there, UMKC. Brian and Kelly are some of our great friends. Brian was usher in our wedding and has stayed a dear friend to us.
They had Olivia (their 1st child) almost a year ago. Little Livi came with great surprises and has several different special needs. While I watched them care for their sweet girl, it challenged me. It presented the question to me, "will I be ready for the challenge?" Not knowing exactly what that challenge might be, I do know as a Christian we face many of them. Whether that might be infertility, a special needs child, being called to the mission field, etc. I do know I have be ready.
So what can I do to start prepping myself for any challenges that may arise? Well I'm going to start by thanking the Lord daily for what I do have and then strengethen my foundation with reading through the Bible in a year. Marc has been doing that since January, I'm just jumping on the bandwagon a few months late! That in and of itself is a challenge, so it will be a good test for me. I have also been challenged to give more, not what is expected, but above and beyond. I see this family who does full time ministry and has huge medical expenses with their daughter. I especially feel strongly in this area when I live such a comfortable life.
If you are looking to support a missionary, please consider this sweet family. If you want more information on specifics, please email me and I can give you more details.

To Catch up with the Keys, you can follow their story here!

On a completely different note, we had a really yummy dip at our get together and I thought I would share the recipe with you since it is starting get warm and people are going to start having cookouts in the coming weeks.
I call it "Man Dip" some call it Meaty dip, so whatever you want to call it is great!

2lb velveeta
1can original rotel
1pkg of softened cream cheese
2lb of mild sausage
1T chili powder (or adjust to how much kick you want in it)
1T cumin

Brown Sausage and drain. Melt velveeta, cream cheese and rotel together. (I did mine in a large crockpot) When it is all melted, add sausage and spices!
Serve with chips. This should make any man or pregnant person happy! enjoy!

Drumroll please...... (insert drumroll)
I leave for my cruise in t-minus 2 days. So the next time I post will be sometime after I return!

Happy Spring Break! (for those that still get one)