Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cruise 2010 Highlights

Well we are back to reality and had the most amazing time on our cruise last week. I'm sure that this post will not do it justice, so I won't even try, but it was fabulous! We made the most of every minute.
Our favorite part of the trip was the boat! The sheer size of the thing was mind boggling. We  could not get over all there was to do on the boat. We were like kids in a candy store running around ooing and awing over things.

To start off, there are 7 neighborhoods, and 17 floors.
So here are some highlights of the boat:
1. Central Park- Live plants, benches, open air and beautiful lights at night. You definitely didnt feel like you were on a boat.
2. Surfing on the flowrider. (I didn't do this because of my back issues) but Marc, Meg and the other boys all loved it.
3. The boardwalk- It had a carousel, an aquatheater, candy store, shops, a donut shop, and other fun things for kids
4. The pool deck- 5 pools- salt water/beach pool area, normal pool, kid pool area, sports pool, and an adult pool. Lots of places to layout as well with a perfect view!
5. The Royal Promenade- Felt and looked like you were in a really fancy mall. The 24/7 pizza plce was there, coffe shop, normal shops,  lounges, bars, cupcake place. All on 1 level.

We had 10 people in our group, my parents, my sister and one of her friends. Then our 2 couple friends, The Jakshas and Hartnesses. The Jakshas live in Austin, so it was a blast seeing them and catching up since we never get to see each other anymore!
Here are some pics!

To see more pics, you can view my facebook album at

If you are looking for a NICE, fun, group vacation, you should look into the "Oasis of the Seas" or the newer boat, "Allure of the Seas" which is essentially the same thing. I would highly suggest cruises for a a group just because there is so much to do on the ships. I'm not too sure on how much Marc and I would have done by ourselves, but still either way it would be a blast!

Hope everyone had a great spring break and is enjoying the warmer weather! I know we are!