Monday, September 6, 2010

Fit for Fall

I hope everyone had an amazing Labor Day. I know we did. We were able to stay home and be super productive. We went to the Razorback game on Saturday, church on Sunday and helped some friends move into our neighborhood, and then yesterday we slept in, I worked out, cleaned the house, grocery shopped and hosted a birthday party for Kara.
All fun stuff. It was our first time to stay home for labor day in quite some time, but we were due for some much needed downtime. We are usually at the lake, if only it was closer we would have gone I'm sure.

So last week I started crossfit! This is something that I did a couple of years ago with a friend in her garage. Her husband was training for the military basic training and they turned their garage into a make-shift gym. It was great. posts a workout of the day and then we wold get after it. Well she ended up having to move, so of course I didn't stick with it. I guess about a year ago they opened up an actual crossfit gym here in NWA. There are 2 now, one in Springdale and one in Bentonville. The past week, I have been trying the one out in Springdale and I have been loving it. It is such an intense workout in a short period of time. Almost all the workouts can be completed in 20 minutes or less. I have been in a constant state of soreness for the past 7 days. Like really, in major pain. But it feels so great to hurt because at least I know it is doing something for me since for some reason I decided to let myself go over the past year. ha.

Anyways, if you are looking for something new other than running or the redundancy of a gym workout, you should try this a couple of times. My friend who is a runner and just did a full marathon this summer said that this workout feels harder that running for 45 minutes straight.

Here is the website:
and here is the blog where they post the workout of the day:

I'm not sure why I haven't started this until now! I am loving it and hoping to see quick results. I will let you know how it turns out. If you're in NWA and want to try it out let me know and we can go together.