Monday, September 27, 2010

Heartbreak City

This past week Fayetteville has been so electric. I have never in my life seen the excitement in a town like this for such a "hopeful" game. It was a true media frenzy. I mean every conversation last week was about this game. Everything was in our favor. The night before, the U of A had a pep rally that lasted into the morning hours. Staduim drive was a huge line of tents, students and cars. Students began camping out last Sunday. Everyone was calling the Hogs of course. It was awesome!
There was also lots of talk about Mallett being a Heisman hopeful. A guy at Marc's work started this website called "Mustache for Mallett" it was created to show support for Ryan Mallett while raising money for a local charity. This campaign was released last thursday and got a ton of press.
Guess whose face was the "face" of this campaign?

None other than my man!!! Haha!
We couldn't believe it. This pic was taken with the app called "stachestastic."

It even made the news. You can see the clip here:
We got a good laugh and I got several texts asking me when he grew this. Umm hello, wrong color people.

Back to Heartbreak City.
We headed to tailgate the morning of the game. We were super pumped and had high hopes for our piggies! I have to say I was a bit nervous, hoping we wouldn't get stomped after this whole media frenzy.


Thankfully we didn't get stomped, but we did get beat by a hair. We seriously had them beat the whole time and then defeated ourselves in the last quarter. It was draining and heartbreaking. They did so well for 3/4 of the game. And poor Mallett, you know he is just beating himself up. Poor piggies. I still love them and think they will continue to have a great rest of the season!

Go Hogs Go!