Monday, July 15, 2013

9 months

3 months left people... til she turns one! AGHH make this slow down pease!
We have been traveling quite a bit and now we are finally home for awhile...
since my last post this is what little bit has been up to!

-She has grown lots of hair and teeth (she has 6 now)
-She is in size 3 diapers
-She wears 6-12 month clothing
-She pulls up on everything
-She is officially crawling!!! I thought we were going to skip this b/c she started pulling up first.
-She is finally napping in her crib instea of her swing! Yay, huge accomplishment
-She loves to eat puffs, bananas, and mostly all baby food.
-She has 4-5 bottles a day
-Sleeps about 10hrs a night w/ no waking up
-Her favorite toy is anything she can pull up on and lids
-She does not take a paci and still has no lovie :( I want her to have something but she truly hasn't become attached to anything but me.
-She still loves her car seat and will usually take at least 1 nap a day in it while running errands. She is still a great traveler
-She loves most people, especially men
-She grunts when she likes/wants something :)
-She is finally making some sounds: bah bah, pa pa (still no da da or ma ma) which we work on everyday
-She is I can hardly handle it.

this happens as soon as she wakes up or doesn't want to go to sleep....

nightly walks are the best!

Standing is her favorite!

Do any of you moms have advice of how to get them on a good nap schedule and how I can get her to go down w/o a bottle... I started that only to transition her out of the swing but know i need to stop soon!



Carrie said...

What a cutie! As far as a nap schedule goes....I was really worried about getting Pearce on a schedule. Got the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child." At that age, they need a morning nap, afternoon nap, and maybe a short evening nap depending on bed time. Honestly, before I finished the book, Pearce just fell into his own little schedule. He would wake up between 7-8, morning nap from 10-12, afternoon nap 3-5, then sometimes an evening nap. Bed by 8. I was always flexible. I always gave Pearce a bottle before naps and bedtime. I don't think that's a bad thing. It helped calm him. He is 17 months old now (and down to one nap)and I still give him a bedtime bottle.

Nikki said...

I prefer to give my little one her bottle when she wakes up, except for the last feeding of the day which is, obviously, before bedtime. I also believe, at this age, they like having a doll or stuffed animal with them in bed to help alleviate any separation anxiety. Good luck! Your daughter is seriously adorable.