Thursday, January 16, 2014

15 months

Our sweet girl is already 15 months! I miss doing those monthly pics with the stickers. But here is a quick little update so we can remember!

She is seriously such a blast right now.
Some things she loves:
-stomping and dancing
-saying "uh-oh", da-da, ball, baby, bye-bye, pop-pop and tons of other gibberish.
-pushing her baby stroller
-playing outside
-praise baby and elmo
-babies and her lovie
-books- Brown Bear
-sleeps w/ a big girl pillow now in her crib
-all of her grandparents
-me of course and meg meg (she may or may not think she has 2 moms...that's currently un-clear :))
-she has fantastic hair
-loves brushing her teeth
-is currently getting in her 4 incisors (canine teeth)
-loves other kids, especially older ones
-loves her schools 
-does not love being held ever since she began walking in october... miss independent for sure

we've had a few too many snow days here....

cutest pony tail i ever did see!

I think she weighs around 21-22lbs and wear size 4 diapers. She also sleeps from 9-8:30 most nights and naps 2-3hrs once a day!