Thursday, July 24, 2008

Birthdays aren't what they used to be....

Well yesterday was my birthday! It was wonderful! Not stemming from this recent birthday, I have started to realize something over the past few years. As I get older, birthdays are not near as fun, I feel less special, people forget to call, you have to work and they just aren't quite as exciting. But I think that is just how it is when you get older. My mom always made a HUGE deal about birthdays, so now that I am older I expect a lot, which is not really a good thing. But oh well! That is just life, right? I am learning to be a more simple person!

Well for my 24th birthday my sweet friend Katie got a group of girls together the night before my birthday and we went to eat at Noodles (a really great Italian place). It was so much fun. It was alot of my favorite people all in one place. They all did a great job of making me feel special! I also had a super cute cake from Ricks bakery (one of my fayetteville favs!). Then when I got home, I walked in the house to beautiful flowers that Marc got me! Then the morning of, Marc made me some yummy french toast and an omelet for breakfast! Which is huge, considering we NEVER eat breakfast together before we gp to work. Then after work and Bible study we went and got ice cream at Maggie Moos (another fayetteville fav) with the Cashions and Hartness! So all in all, it was a pretty good birthday for a girl getting older (as someone kindly reminded me yesterday.)

So Thank you to all that made me feel special on my birthday! I really, really appreciate it! I still love me some birthday fun!


Anonymous said...

Ok Ok, I can take a hint... the "people forgot to call" jab was directed at me. I'M SORRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I promise I'll make it up to you!

If I was in Fville, it would have been party central for your bash. So there.

-Your secret doesn't-live-in-Arkansas admirer.

kate said...

So...happy birthday...a day late! I know exactly what you mean about birthdays changing as we get older. At least you called me on mine though! I'm so glad you had a great day with friends and family. I love birthdays, and I so wish I could have been there for your dinner! Can't wait to share stories when I get back...and hang out a lot more! :)