Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ICE ICE Baby...

Well it has definitely been an interesting past couple of days in NWA. We have experienced one of the worst ice storms in decades in Northwest Arkansas. NWA is so beautiful and the damage that has been done will be noticeable for years. People are still without electricity and could be without it for days. I am so thankful ours has been on for most of the time, but was out all night last night and this morning. We actually just got it back 30 minutes ago.
I won't lie, it has definitely been nice to have a couple of days at home. I have loved being iced in with Marc. He has done such a great job taking care of us by keeping the generator going and the fire lit! I'm so thankful to have my very own handy man!
Earlier today we drove around and could not believe the damage done. We could not even get down several streets. It looks and sounds like a war zone. You can hear the trees and ice crashing down. I'm very thankful no trees fell on the house or on our cars! Praise the Lord!
Anyways, here are some pics for those that don't live here:

Our tree in the beginning

2 hours later...

The Next Day- Hopefully it will live!

Killer Icesicles

Tree in our backyard- before



So sad

Deer in a field by our house!

I know one thing, I know that I am very thankful for a warm house and electricity. I didn't realize how spoiled we really are in America!