Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 things

I know, I know another blog game, but I think they are super fun and informative! This one originated on facebook, but I rather do it on the blog like Mare and Rachel! Here are the Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

1. I have 4 metal rods in my back and 2 large screws. (I had 2 major back surgeries, 1- resulted from life-threatening scoliosis and 2- resulted from a stress fracture on my L-5)

2. I have a Yorkie named Louie- who has ultimately prepared me for motherhood. He is the most high maintenance dog. I get up with him 1-2 times a night, usually around 4am. I love him a lot regardless. He is a great snuggler and sleeps with Marc and I every night!

3. I would be a lot skinnier if I wasn't married.

4. I have probably gained 20 pounds since I got married. Yikes! I always say marriage is not good for the figure! Although I AM working on it!

5. I LOVE breakfast food! Could eat it for dinner every night. I mean the good stuff- pancakes, eggs, biscuits, Cinnamon rolls, donuts. Ha, no wonder the 20 pounds is what you are thinking! I really only eat a bad breakfast maybe once on the weekends!

6. I am scared to death of being pregnant.

7. I have never taken a pregnancy test!

8. I had hopes and dreams of being a counselor someday, probably won't happen because I hate school sooo much.

9. I LOVE, LOVE sports. I love to water ski, snow ski, play flag football, volleyball, etc!

10. I secretly want to start taking skiing lessons again and start back competing. Just won't work with my schedule. too bad so sad.

11. I have never had a wreck

12. I like strawberry flavored things, but not actual strawberries

13. I really don't like fruit! side note- I do eat apples (if peeled) and bananas only on rare occasions. I have maybe bought fruit at the store 5 times in my whole life.

14. I do not eat seafood. yuk.

15. I hate cleaning, especially sweeping and mopping.

16. I love entertaining and having people over at our house!

17. My favorite color is orange and has been since 7th grade. My first orange thing was an orange anorak from gap! I had an orange prom dress. I have an orange couch and ipod, i really do love that color! I want people to wear orange to my funeral

18. I really want to find a passion, whether it is creating something, selling something, etc. I would love to be able to work out of my own home someday!

19. I'm obsessed with Tivo- Just got one for Christmas and love it! I know, I'm late arriving.

20. I have absolutely amazing friends! I love ALL of them so much and feel incredibly blessed.

21. I'm very thankful for electricity. I had no idea how spoiled we really are!

22. I just watched the Superbowl and feel sad for the Cardinals.

23. I married a man from Piggott, AR. Who would of thought? My mom thought his last name was Piggott, because none of us had ever heard of that town. (funny enough, it does not show up on spell check!)

24. I lived in Thailand for 2 months. It was an amazing experience and I want to go back.

25. My favorite TV show is the office and I'm watching it right now!

Ok your turn to play if you are reading this! Have fun!


Mary Virginia said...

I LOVE that you did this! And I love that you talked about your orange. I promise to wear orange to your funeral. Love you!

RachB said...

FIRST OF ALL... you shouldnt mop or sweep. For crying out loud you shouldnt bend over for a dropped pencil! You better know I'd be talking it up about those rods! :)

Guess who else is from my Piggot!? Ive forgotten to tell you! My inlaws... Ryans grandparents!

LC said...

Remember when I used to make these lists for you all the time in psychology class? OMG. Lisa.

Carly Grace said...

I totally remember that orange anorak! Anoraks were so in. I had one but I don't remember what color... :)