Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Birthdays and April Fools!

First of all Happy April fools day! I enjoy this day a lot, not quite sure why! I don't always get in a good one, but sometimes I can pull of off a pretty good one!
Like the time when I was in 9th grade, after my dad was already asleep I went down into the kitchen and put a rubber band around the sprayer by the faucet! My dad would always wake up early to make coffee. Well this particular morning he rolled out of bed, turned on the water, and BAM! That water sprayed him right on his hairy chest! What a wake-up call! I was for sure he was going to come dump buckets of ice cold water on me, so I slept with one eye open! he didn't, he just threatened me to NEVER do that again, or else! I never did it again!

Today, I pulled off another good one, with the help of some of my co-workers. About 3 months ago we decided to "ADD" some fake meetings to my boss' schedule! Today she had two extra meetings on her schedule! She went to one of them and without the other person knowing they had one! That person was very confused, but the hilarious thing is, they met anyways! We finally told her, so she wouldn't feel crazy! It was a really great, subtle one! We at least got a good laugh out of it in the office today!

April brings a FULL month of Birthdays!
I have been celebrating lots of Birthdays already! My good friend Tiffany had her baby boy yesterday on my other really good friends birthday!!

On Sunday and Monday, we celebrated Louise!
Her dream is to have a garden someday, therefore her present had everything to do with that!
Isn't she adorable!

Coldstone Cake, yes it was amazing! Her fav for sure!

Mon. night @ Savor! Also- Amazing! Free Creme Brule for us!

On Tues-Baby Joseph was born! Congrats Kevin and Tiffany!
8lb, 13oz! Big Boy!
I look happy, but I was super nervous!

Obviously scared to death of holding this precious one,
I know- so awkward! I am definitely not ready for this yet!
Sweet Gabby (big sis) and Rachel!
It was really neat to be able to be there and hold him right after he was born. I have never really done that before, or I guess I haven't had any close enough friends to go to the hospital. I was glad I went because she delivered at Willow Creek, which is where I will be having a baby SOMEDAY..maybe!! The rooms were huge! Which I like so family and friends can all be there!
Today! April 1st, my friend Rachel had her baby. Check out her blog-
Congrats to Rachel and Ryan on their baby boy! 8lb, 12oz!
Other fun Birthdays I get to celebrate this month:
Katie's baby- coming into this world next week! I can't wait to meet Sawyer now!
My mom and dads bdays are both this month.
Liz and Rachael- my other besties also both have birthdays!
I'm sure I am leaving out some, but I am so overwhelmed with babies coming into this world I can't even think!
Happy April Fools day!


Christin said...

Hey Michelle! So I love reading your blog and tell myself I'm going to start one, and well... I never do! Ha! Maybe one day :) Anyways, I totally agree with you on the baby thing... I'm sure you get the same questions as me since we were married a week apart... "When are ya'll gonna have kids?" It cracks me up that since we've been married for over 3 1/2 years people assume it's time. My maternal clock is saying "NO way!" I've got 20 kids at school that drive me insane every day! They are enough for me now! :) But it definitely seems like all I hear about is babies too!