Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The other weekend we helped host a shower for a sweet couple in our community group! Jenessa, from JBailey Occasions helped plan a perfect shower for a baby boy! To view pics, click on the link below! This is the couples 3rd child, but first boy!

It was super fun and exciting, we were kind of hoping she would go into labor while we were all there because she had been having contractions the whole day! Another host of the shower was one of my best friend, Katie! She too is pregnant and is about to have a baby any day! We thought it would be awesome if they both had gone into labor at the same time! We could have just moved the party to the hospital!
Instead, today Tiffany is in labor and 1 week from today Katie will most likely get induced! I'm so excited and blessed to have such wonderful friends and be a part of their journeys! I learn so much by being around such wonderful, and inspirational people. They are truly blessings and I cannot wait to meet their new additions!
I'm also excited to meet Baby Will! He too is coming into this world either tonight or tomorrow! How exciting to meet these little bundles of Joy!

I hope by watching and learning from these wonderful girls, that I too could be a wonderful mother! (just not quite there yet on wanting to be!)