Friday, May 8, 2009

Bathtub Crayons?

So I bet you are thinking that is a weird title, and Michelle- Seriously, you don't have kids yet. Yes, yes I know! I wanted to share this fabulous, creative little tool with all you wives out there. Sorry to discriminate against the singles, but maybe someday this will be helpful to you as well!

I'm not the most creative person out there, nor do I try to be because lets just face it, I'm really not that talented. No worries, I'm ok with accepting this fact!

So a couple of months ago I had been thinking about how I wanted to surprise Marc by doing something nice for him. I'm a big fan of surprises, but not so much good at pulling them off. I thought about randomly leaving a card for him around the house or dropping one by his truck while he was at work. I just thought those are over-used, I really want something original and unusual.

Well I have no idea how in the world I came up with this idea, but I did and I LOVe it now! I remembered a while back when I babysat some kids one summer that they had these bathtub crayons. I thought to myself, well what if I left Marc a sweet note or prayer in the shower. See I take showers at night and he takes them in the A.M. (sorry if that's tmi). So after my long search for these little treasures, I finally found them one random night while I was at Target with Marc. They are in the BABY section of all places at target. What the heck, babies can't draw yet. Therefore I could not get them that night and had to go back a different time to purchase them! I was determined that I would follow through with this surprise! I prevailed and went the next week. So that very night, I took a shower and grafittied my whole entire shower. I was able to write words of encouragement, write a prayer over him, and to simply just tell him how much I loved him and how thankful I was for him! That next morning he was so SURPRISED! He could not believe that I came up with that idea.

Now we write sweet little notes back and forth, keep verses and prayer requests up! I have learned that shower time is a great prayer time! Its also a great way to learn verses, because they are right there in your face! Its also a great way to communicate love to your spouse.

Anyways, I highly suggest bathtub crayons or bathtub markers or they have finger paint too!

Seriously, surprise your hubbie or your children one of these days! They will love it!


Mary Virginia said...

Woweeeee! That is so creative, Michelle! You don't give yourself enough credit for coming up with really cute ideas! How sweet to share that with Marc now and someday your children.
Love you, friend.

The Slonekers said...

Great Idea Michelle!! Thanks for sharing!