Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vegas Baby!

Ok well not really for me, but Marc is there on "work" right now and I'm not. I'm just a tad jealous since I have never been there before. I have just always wanted to see it. You know, the bright lights and the famous "strip" I mean you see it in the news, in movies, etc! I just think it would be fun. And I hear there is some fabulous shopping! He sent me some pics from his room, then I got really jealous. As you can see, he is not roughing it too badly.
We talked about me going, but it did not seem to make a whole lot of since. He will have to work all day at a hardware trade show. So that didn't sound too fun to be there all day walking around Vegas by myself. Maybe some other day we will go just for fun!
Have any of you ever been? If so, what did you think? Was it as trashy as people say it is? I'm just curious! leave a comment and let me know!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


The Slonekers said...

I went one year for a ski apparel show....and it is exhausting! I think it would be a whole different ball game if you went with a fun group of girls. But what I remember most is it just being SO loud! Everywhere you go there are billboards talking to you, music, water, lights...everything makes noise. I can remember just getting on the plane and it being quiet, and wonderful. Sorry, this comment makes me sound like an old grouchy lady. Major Debby Downer! opinion is: it's ok. :) Happy Cinco do Mayo to you!