Thursday, May 14, 2009

I love bargains!

I like to think of myself as a great bargain shopper, I actually pride myself in that. I like to search and search until I find the right deals. I rarely pay full price for something (in the clothing world that is.) I have never prided myself in being an excellent grocery shopper. I don't feel I have ever been strong in this area. I become the true impulse shopper- I get whatever looks good at that time, I never plan out meals, and I sometimes go when I'm hungry! I know- those are the top things you shouldn't do! I'm getting a little better by buying some great value products.
So the other day I came across two sites that I am now obsessed with. I think it will help me transform my grocery shopping abilities! I have never been one to cut-out coupons, but I am the girl that has a "saver" or "rewards" card wherever I go! These sites let you know the most recent available coupons and inform you if there is anything FREE! And I love free samples! Take me to Sam's club for a date and I am one happy girl!

Ok so here they are! Everyone should check them out, especially in this economy!

and this one is locally-

and then of course:

These sites could change your life, well or change they way you shop!
Please leave me a comment if you know of any other great "saving" websites!

Have a Happy Weekend!


jill said...

hi michelle! love your blog ... you and the hubby are TOO precious! i don't remember how i found you, but i am super jealous you're in fay! we left when i graduated in 05 and have only been back for visits. SO sad. i would LOVE to move back, but i'm afraid our parents will not let us take sophie b that far away.

and i'm SO not a good coupon-shopper either. i break all the same grocery store rules, and probably always will. oops.

RachB said...

ooohhhhhhh jilly you so silly!