Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pi Phi Weekend

Although this post is a week late, I still wanted to make sure and post it so I can always remember!

Last weekend I had a fun pi phi reunion weekend. For those of you that read this blog and don't know what pi phi is, it is the sorority I was in while in college. It was a great experience for me, I made some lifelong friends and had such a wonderful college experience. I'm so grateful for all of the memories that I have from it.

Last weekend, I was able to see all of those friends that have moved away and had a great time of re-connecting. We had a centennial and Balfour celebration. The pi phis have now been on the University of Arkansas campus for 100 years. This called for some serious celebrating! They also won #1 chapter in the nation for 3 yrs in a row now. This means they won the Balfour cup which is super hard to do and you have to apply 4 yrs in advance to even be considered for winning. You have to meet certain requirements such as involvement on campus, GPA, etc.

I'm very proud of them for winning.

In honor of being on campus for 100 yrs, they have decided to donate a massive gate to the U of A . So to raise money for this really expensive gate, they had a silent auction before the luncheon and at this silent auction I bid on a Hawaii trip not thinking I would actually win, but I did! I got a great deal on it too. Its 7 nights in Maui and we are pumped. We are going to take a 5yr anniversary trip coming up in August! A pi phi alum owns this hotel in Maui and donated it for pi phi!
Look how gorgeous!

Friday night a bunch of us went to Powerhouse to hang out and eat dinner.

Saturday, we had a luncheon at the Fayetteville Town Center. There were over 600 alums!

And a reception that night!

We all had so much fun hanging out! I'm so grateful for all my wonderful friends. It made me miss college so badly and made me realize I'm getting old.
And this how I know I'm old.... My composite picture from 2002 (the year I pledged) is now in the snack closet at the Pi Phi house. When I lived there, we used to say, "Oh my gosh those girls are so old" and LAUGH! At least I'm not off from the wall!