Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tour De Babies

This past week is what I would like to call a major baby tour. So many of our friends are having babies or already have them. I think we tried to meet and see them all in 1 week!

First, we started off by going to the hospital last Thursday to meet baby Dyer Bailey. He was born march 31st and weighed 9lbs. 22 inches. Proud parents, Jenessa and Mark!

Then thursday night, this little stinker came by to see us! And YESTERDAY was his 1 year birthday!

On Friday we took lunch to our friends, the Goforths who had their sweet baby girl while we were gone on our cruise. She was born 3 weeks early. Her name is Ariana and she is teensy tiny! She was like a real life baby doll! I don't think I had ever held a baby that small.

On saturday we headed to the 1st farmers market of the year which was a blast. It was a beautiful day and we ran into several of our friends! Sweet Lyla Blagg was there, and was soo good. She didn't make a peep all day.
Sunday was Easter. We decided to stay in town since we had been gone the past several weekends. We went to a brunch over at the Blaggs. They had some friends and neighbors over that didn't travel or have family around. It was fun, unfortunately I don't have many pics from it.

my easter surprise!
Later on Sunday night, we went to Marc's moms house and had a wonderful meal. For Easter she gave us some kites. Believe it or not, I have NEVER flown a kite, so that was fun.
Last night was Sawyers 1st birthday! I was so excited, like he is my own or something. But seriously, I'm slightly obsessed with him. He is just so darn cute. I was also there when he was born at 2:50AM.

His party is this weekend, so I probably will have a whole other post for that. You know Katie will have it all decorated as you can see a little preview above. I'm very excited for his birthday party!
Tomorrow, I'm taking dinner to a sweet friend in our community group that had a baby girl right before we left for the cruise. I'm so excited to meet her, look how sweet she looks! Her name is Elizabeth Grace. And oh my, I can't wait to hold her.
So there was my week full of babies! And no, I don't have the fever...YET!
p.s- My blog will be undergoing some changes the next few weeks, so please excuse the transition!


Vicki and Don said...

Michelle, you and Mark look so *natural* holding those babies! I KNOW that your moms are waiting (not so) patiently! :-) Cute, cute babies!

J.Bailey Occasions said...

That first picture of Dyer is hillarious with the hat. It was way too big!