Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

Wordless style from the lake...


Carrie said...

I found your blog through Kellys Korner. I just wanted to give you some slight encouragement. We tried for awhile for our first daughter, clomid did not work for me and luckily my fertility doctor recognized that my response (none what so ever) was never going to be great to clomid. So we switched to injectibles. I got pregnant the first month, she will be 4 in 2 months. I have pcos and I was also on metformin. The second time we tried to get pregnant, metformin was all that was needed. We lost that pregnancy and we lost the one after that. The doctor did not like my labs, told me it would be unlikely that i would get pregnant easily agqin, and we decided that we were done with fertility treatments. We then decided we were blessed with one. We were done. Hmmm... Well our we are done baby arrived in November. At a day shy of 12 weeks we were actually told due to heavy bleeding and inability to find a heartbeat on Doppler that I likely had another loss, but there she was on ultrasound the next day.

Infertility is the most stressful situation I have ever been through. Take breaks and live life. I never felt like I was living when i was going through treatments. I wish you luck.