Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My "killer" dog

My husband goes out of town and this is what happens to me... Everytime he leaves it seems like something always random happens. I once broke my toe, had critters in the attic running around, and lots of other random things. Well this time was no different. He wasn't even gone 24hrs and this happens:

I mean seriously, what am I supposed to do when Louie shows up at the door with this baby bunny in his mouth? I first started yelling at him to drop it and at this point I didn't know if it was alive or not. Everytime I tried to open the door he would try to run in the house with it. Well I got outside and finally got him to drop it and thankfully the bunny got away. I made sure it was clear of the yard for several hours before letting him out again.
The next night at 12:45 am, guess what he found and ran in the house with?!? Ding, ding, ding. He had caught another one and this one did not fare so well. This little guy wasn't hoppin after he was freed :(.

Well at least Marc finally has his hunting dog! Ha!


ReallyHighMaintenance said...

Logan's mom has a dog named Louie too and last year he brought not one not two not three but four baby bunnies up to the house. They were tiny babies and we boddle fed them. All died except one (it was super sad.) But there must be something about Dogs named "Louie" and Rabbits!