Thursday, May 3, 2012

Operation garage

This past weekend, we had an actual weekend at home which is rare these days. When we are home, we like to be productive and Marc likes to do fun projects. So for his project this weekend he decided to re-vamp the garage. It was becoming quite the disaster and starting to feel junky. Because Marc enjoys every hobby/sport known to man, we have lots of "things" that have to be in our garage. He worked so hard and did a fantastic job. Unfortunately, the pics don't do it justice to his mad organizational skills. He basically organized each shelf or space by hobby or subject. It's truly amazing and should be on a tv show! We also need some extra shelf space for baby things since we have absolutely no closet space in our house. Honestly, we have no hall closets, just closets in the bedrooms so it creates quite the challenge for storing things. This will help tremendously in several months.

Created a closet next to the water heater. We will be able to store diapers and what nots here since it will be enclosed. We were able to use some left over tile to make it have flooring (my idea!)

Almost finished! M hard at work and analyzing.

Ta-Da! All cleaned and organized.

I'm so proud and it feels so much better. The next project will be to clean out our walk-in attic space which will be right off the babies room and the closet in the babies room. It's pretty scary in there but we have to do it before it gets sweltering hot. Basically we threw everything in there when we moved and its all the stuff we have no place to store it.
I'm seeing a garage sale in my near future!
Thanks honey for having amazing skills.


E said...

That is awesome! I get the no storage thing. Our house was built in the 1920's, so there is literally no storage. Each bedroom has a closet and that is it. Even the bathrooms don't have storage.

Vicki and Don said...

Can you please send Marc over? Our garage(s) need some SERIOUS work! We're having a garage sale on the 18th but I doubt if that will end up helping our garage!! :-(

Ashley said...

Looks great!!! Our garage looks atrotious!! Amazing how quickly is can become disasterous!!! Damn home renos!!