Wednesday, May 23, 2012

17/18 weeks

Well I'm holding off posting any pics of our party that we had because a friend of ours who is a photographer took some pics and they will be way better than what I would post, so I'm sill waiting on those but super excited to share them with you all.

I took this pic last week. I was worried I had not grown all week and boy was I wrong! Baby girl be growing large and in charge. I also think this pic makes me look bigger than I really am or I could just be in denial! Oh well, I'm grateful for the growth. However; I'm not quite as thankful for the back pain I've been having the past 2 days. I'm getting really scared that it may stay like this the rest of the time. I've got to get a plan in action with either massage therapy, physical therapy or a chiropractor. Anyone have any recommendations?

How Far Along: 18 weeks
How Big is the baby? She is the size of a pear (6oz)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm up 5lbs since finding out
Maternity Clothes:Yes on the bottom part, no on the top
Gender: A GIRL!!! 
Movement: I think I have felt a few flutters here and there but never really know. I can't wait to feel some kicks though!
Sleep: I'm getting used to sleeping mainly on my left side, but really miss sleeping on my back completely. This came as a shock to me that you aren't supposed to lay flat! Yikes
Symptoms: Manly just evil back pain, other than that I feel great!
What I miss: I will miss being able to wear a 2 piece all summer! Ha. probably for the best though. And eating chick-fil-a
Cravings: I absolutely love breakfast foods, pasta, pizza or fried stuff. I hate chicken right now.
Best Moment this week: Finding out about our little girl and having a super fun gender reveal party!It is something I will never forget.
What I am looking forward to: Starting to feel Marchelle move more and we have 2 big appointments this week. Hoping to confirm that everything looks normal so far.

It honestly has not sunk in that we are having a girl. Although, I'm not surprised one bit and I'm thankful to know my intuition works. I had no idea we would have such a hard time picking out a name. I have liked a particular name for a very long time and have basically had my heart set on it but there a few factors that Marc doesn't love about it. I like unique names and he likes more traditional, so we are somehow going to have to compromise. I would really love to name this kid before she comes out so here's to hoping that can happen!
The other hard part about names is that we had chosen names that we loved before we got married (yes I'm weird like that) but since it has been several years, those names have been overused or taken by family members. So I'm on about round 3 of names! Of course we had settled and agreed upon a boy name and we are still hoping to use it one day. We will for sure use my maiden name which is Baker (if anyone steals this name that is close to me I will hurt you... just know you have been forewarned!)
Since my dad had no boys we thought that would be a special name that could at least be carried on in that way. My dad likes to refer to our embryo that is currently frozen as our "frozen fella." :) This makes me smile and I hope that it is mainly for his sake!


Alisha said...

You look great!! =) Sorry you're having such bad back pain. I've been struggling with that a bit this week. I went to the chiropractor Monday and oh my word it made such a difference!! He wants me to come back at least once a month for the next 2-3 months (I'm 13 weeks), and twice a month in the final trimester. I think it will make pain much more manageable and he said it would make delivery better too! =) I'm all about that.

Also, I used to go to a physical therapist who specialized in women's health issues. I know she had several pregnant patients as well. I'm sure that would be helpful too. I may be visiting her again later in pregnancy.

The Rippy's said...

Physical therapy all the way! I had terrible back pain and they were amazing for me. They gave me lots of moves to help build muscle in my back that made it so much better. :-)

kate said...

I go to the chiro twice a week at beginning and end of pregnancy and space it out a little more in between! Definitely helps manage the pain! Love this little girl sooo much already!

Mallory said...

You look great! I hope you figure out the back issues. As someone who deals with IF and PCOS, I know how frustrating it is for friends and even FAMILY to take your names. Makes me sick!!

Michelle said...

A friend of mine went to the chiropractor once a week and had message therapy with it. Between appts she stretched. Her back went out twice before 12 weeks, but after going to the chiro and message weekly she didn't have any other trouble until the very end and it was more normal back pain.

Linds said...

You look so cute-- love that little bump!

Do you know Rachel Long by chance? She goes to Fellowship. ANyways, she swears by chiropractor visits during pregnancy and went regularly with all her kids. She goes to someone in Fayetteville I think, but they only accept new patients by referral if I'm not mistaken. Let me know if you want the info and I can ask her for it.

Carly Grace said...

Dr. Dennis at Generations Chiropractic is awesome! He and his wife own it together and they're not too granola. I've been to 3 chiropractors in fayetteville and they're my fave!

RachB said...

All I have to say is if at all possible go with the name you always wanted PRIOR to being pregnant. I was stupid and changed ours at 25 weeks and regret it probably 17 times a day... we are actually in the process of changing "wrens" name legally. Which is confusing and a little annoying. We all call her different things in our home. And we changed Will's middle name as well. Just use a name that has meaning to you. Significant meaning. Don't just pull a name out of thin air. I love Baker. Love love. Can't wait to see that precious one.

Michelle said...

thanks everyone for the advice!

Michelle said...

I have one that I'm going to see in Lowell today! Hoping that works!

The Lady of the House said...

I loved my chiropractor in F-Town.

There's a massage therapist that I went to constantly for all three of my pregnancies - look up Massage for Life in Springdale and ask for Sheri. She's amazing! Plus, if you are over-due, you can go and she'll do some reflexology to get things moving.

It worked all three times. Each baby was born 24 hours or less later.