Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What's the Gender!?

A friend of mine blogged these Old Wives tales a little over a year ago and I have been wanting to do it ever since! Thanks Julee! Right now you can see on the right side of the blog that you still have time to cast your vote! Right now Team Girl is winning by more than half! I'm so excited and praying the baby will cooperate for us on Friday!

Morning sickness: They say that little girls make their mama's sick and I have thrown up none and only had mild nausea for 4 weeks which indicates BOY!

Soft or dry skin? Mine has been extremely dry which indicates BOY!

Are you craving citrus? Not really, but I don't mind me some OJ in the mornings. BOY or GIRL!

Have you felt glowing or less than beautiful and had lots of breakouts? I have had no breakouts whatsoever but I normally have very clear skin so I don't know how to take this one! But little girls are supposed to cause breakouts so... BOY!

Heartbeat indicator: Both our heartbeats were in the mid range (155 and 169) which is said to be an indicator of a GIRL!

Craving fruit or meat?: This is hard because I really dislike fruit and Chicken is my main food aversion, but I am loving fruit snacks and never mind having a burger here and there, so I have no idea! BOY or  GIRL!

Chinese Calendar: This one makes me laugh because since we did ivf and it didn't work the 1st time, we actually conceived in October and will have a baby in October... but it says GIRL! A lot of people say that if you do IVF you are more likely to have a BOY! So again,  BOY or  GIRL
Pendullum test: Never have tried it! BOY or  GIRL!

Dreams- They are just plain crazy, but nothing specifically about either gender. So again, BOY or  GIRL!

My guess has been GIRL! all along, Marc's has always been BOY.  What are your guesses??? Be sure to vote in the poll on the right side of the blog before Monday! 
We have all of our family coming in on Friday afternoon for the ultrasound. The people are actually coming to our house to do the ultrasound. They do private parties and what nots so I thought it would be neat to hire them to come so we can have our family there. I'm just praying the baby will cooperate for all of us since it didn't at all for us last Tuesday.
I'm then going to attempt to have a gender reveal brunch on Saturday morning for all of our close friends and family. Can't wait to tell you all!
Do you all have any tricks that worked for when you tried to find out the gender of your child? If so, please let me know! I've heard to drink a cappuccino from Starbucks, drink Orange juice (which I did last time and that didn't work), or a diet coke! Any other things I should know about?!?



E said...

It seems like the closer you are to being 20 weeks or over is a great time to find out the gender. I can't remember how far along you are, though. Good luck!

Mallory said...

YAY!! Can't wait to hear what baby is!

Carly Grace said...

Oh I hope you get to find out the gender Friday! Looking forward to hearing the news!

Elisabeth said...

I had donuts and chocolate milk right before our ultrasound and the technician said that it really does help to eat something sugary to get the baby jazzed. She was able to see George's little boy parts and said that she could even get good measurements on everything else she needed thanks to the sugar rush. :)

kristin childers said...

I say girl. Hope you find out soon. Tootle the wedding ring test and try that. It was right for both mine.

hollie marie said...

Found you through Kelly's Korner- you're a few weeks ahead of me, I'm due Nov 1st with my 1st! Congrats on the pregnancy and best wishes to you & baby!