Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers Day Celebrations

Again I'm so humbled and thankful to be able to celebrate this day in many ways. I'm thankful for my dad, Marc's dad, stepdad and for especially for Marc getting to now appreciate this holiday.

Our original plan was to go to see Marc's father since we haven't been since Christmas. Unfortunately that did not work out due to Marc having to work all weekend long. So sad I know. Poor thing literally worked till 10 every night.
I decided to go to the lake and see my dad for the weekend since Marc was unavailable. It was so much fun spending time with my fam! The 4 of us always have a blast. It was also exciting to not only celebrate him as a father but also a pop-pop! I even found a card the said, "Pop-Pop"! He loved it.
Here he is doing what he does best. Being Boat captain (w/his new hat), surfing and loving on his girls!

When I got home from the lake, I showered Marc with gifts and then took him to Ruth's Chris for a delicious steak dinner. I also surprised him with a strawberry, coldstone cake. It said, "Happy 1st Fathers Day." Again, it feels so surreal being able to celebrate this Holiday. It has such a different feel and we are feeling so blessed and thankful for that. This baby girl has no idea how blessed she will be with him as her father. I can't even imagine all the fun times they will get to have together.

We missed getting to see Marc's dad and stepdad this weekend but are hoping to see them soon! They also mean the world to us and we are thankful for them both!

My heart goes out to those that have lost a father, child or are still waiting. I thought a lot about that yesterday and had several people on my mind. Praying for peace.

Baby update coming soon! I think we are getting closer on a name!


Mrs Melissa Baker said...

What a sweet little blog you have here, I may just have to follow you guys!! and Happy fathers day to the Daddy Mr's from this sweet post!!