Sunday, June 3, 2012

Babyfaces and More

The day we found out the gender was such a blast and so special! There is a company here in NWA that comes to peoples homes and they perform ultrasounds in your home. They are 2 sonographers that have regular day jobs in a clinic but have their own equipment and travel in the evenings and on the weekends to do showers or just gender reveals. I had someone tell me about them and then the very next day there was a living social deal for this company. I snatched it up was couldn't wait to use it. I think I bought it around 8 or 9 weeks which was brave, but I'm so thankful I did because it will be something that is never forgotten by us or our family members. The girls that came to the house were so sweet and set up everything in our bedroom. We went back first and they could tell right away it was a girl but confirmed with one another until they were 100% and then told us. Then we had all of our family members come in so they could also see the ultrasound and found out all at the same time! One of the girls was taking pics while we found out! So here we are in action finding out....!

right before

right when they told us

yay for a baby Girl!

here is their business card in case you live in the area and are interested. I highly recommend  them.

and their website:

Updates coming soon on everything. We had 2 big appointments this past week.