Thursday, August 23, 2012

3D Pics and a Date!

Last week we had the privilege of getting to see our sweet girl in 3D/4D. We got some great pictures of her face! I couldn't believe how well they turned out. Obviously there are some weird shadows and spots, but overall we have a good picture of what she will look like. The same people who came to our house to do the gender reveal party did this scan as well. You can find them HERE on FB and if you are local, I highly recommend seeing them because they are so sweet and fun to work with..
When we first started the scan, she decided she would keep her hands and feet in front of her face. She is very talented like that. Ha! Maybe she will be an Olympian Gymnast?! Kidding.
I had to lay on both of my sides, get up and walk around, go to the bathroom and finally she moved! It was amazing seeing hat cute little face and her features. We think she has Marc's eyes and his chin. I think she has my nose and lips. Either way I can't wait to kiss that face all over.

Oh and that is not a ton of dark hair, its just a shadow :) Although they were pretty sure she does have some hair.

Ok so I'm slightly obsessed!

I posted one of the 3d pictures on FB and then my sweet friend Mare (who I have written about a ton on here) sent me this and said "Olivia can't wait to meet her bff!" Talk about make you tear up... this will do it. 2 precious miracles. The day they get to meet will be so special and I can't wait.

Here is the growing Bump at 31Weeks, 5Days...She is approx 16 inches in length and she weighs 3lb8oz.

We had 2 big doctor appointments this week. All went well and she is measuring exactly where she should be, which is a huge relief. We did see the specialist and he will continue monitoring me as he saw some blood flow issues with the chord. If it continues to decrease she may be here a bit earlier than expected like around the 36/37 week mark. As of right now it is not a concern and we aren't too worried about it. He said that it is a very gradual thing over time. I will go back in 2 weeks to get checked again. Overall everything else looks perfect, Praise Jesus. We also found out she is in a breech position, again this doesn't matter too much because we are doing a c-section anyways. We were also able to go ahead and schedule her birth date too! It is set for October 16, 2012! As we were sitting there scheduling it, I whispered to Marc asking him if this was real! Such a surreal moment for me once again {i think I've had a million of these moments, and I'm sure they will continue}.
We will get to meet her in 1 month and 22 days if we get to go to 39 weeks if not before then! Time has flown by and continues to fly by. I'm trying to get myself really prepared for if she were to come early, because you just never know! And I do use the "prepared" term loosely :).


Carrie said...

So amazing to see those pictures! She has chubby cheeks! Your joy truly leaps out on your blog and I am just so happy for you.