Friday, November 9, 2012

1 month!

Well we survived our first month! It seemed to go by fast and then again it also felt long since my days and nights run together. On the other hand, we have been so filled with joy. I still can't believe how fast my pregnancy went with her and that she is actually here.

It was almost exactly one year ago (oct 30th) when we did our transfer that failed. Things were looking pretty hopeless for us at that time. It's just hard to believe where we are today. What a whirlwind of a blessing.
For those that are still waiting. Don't lose hope, keep trusting our maker! And for those that don't believe in life at conception... You are wrong. This precious one came from the tiniest tube (that I still have) and was frozen. She is perfect in every way.

We enjoy every moment with her and thank Jesus for this miracle.


Carly Grace said...

Michelle, you're such a great mommy! And Maren is one beautiful baby. :)

Carrie said...

She is such a perfect little miracle!! I remember those days of feeling hopeless...and now I hear my 9 month old on his monitor just waking up from a nap. God is just truly amazing! Your baby girl is so adorable :)

Emily Richardson said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you still had her tube! One of my favorite things is the picture of Julee's embryos bc you can see little P when she was only 16 cells big, but to think of Maren as frozen! AHMAZING! How big and awesome and good is GOD?!