Sunday, November 4, 2012

Goodbye Lou

A couple of weeks ago I had to say goodbye to my 1st baby. {my furry baby}. I got Louie After we had been married a year and moved into a house out of our appt. I couldn't wait to get my own dog because I absolutely loved the one I had at home and wanted a small inside dog.

This is Bruiser, my parents dog. He is a yorkanese. And thinks he's human.

For some reason i was obsessed with Yorkies and just had to have one of my very own. I went to little rock and picked out the smallest, spunkiest, most perfect coloring yorkie I've ever seen. When she opened the cage he came out trampling his brother and continued to run circles around the room. I thought to myself he sure looks fun and has tons of personality! :)
Well as you can imagine, a dog with so much energy was fun but definitely a handful. He was not an easy dog whatsoever but I loved him a lot. He was super hard to potty train and he was very yippee, But he was a great companion. He has been my baby for the past 6 years and got me through some very lonely times. Unfortunately as Louie got older he became harder and more defiant.

All of that to say we decided to give him away. We just didn't feel like we could keep him and have a baby. He needed lots of attention and was horrible with kids so we felt like it was the right decision. It is very bittersweet for me but he now is at a home with another yorkie and now has a play mate.

I'm thankful to have Maren to help keep my mind off from it so its been an easier transition thank I thought.