Tuesday, November 20, 2012

6 weeks

Well I blame my lack of blogging on our dinosaur of a computer this time. Major issues. :)
Our baby is 6 weeks old now. Some days fly by and some creep by, all I know is that I feel like last week I started coming out of the haze or cloud or whatever you call the daze you get in.
Little miss is starting to get more on a schedule which helps me out a ton and we are starting to get the hang of things better. Although we still don't always leave the house everyday or get out of pj's, we are seriously loving it and enjoying every moment.
I think I'm going to start reading baby wise to figure out a better sleeping arrangement. Right now she is in a nap nanny to sleep. She will not lay flat to sleep and we don't want to keep this bad habit going for too much longer. Although she is sleeping 4-6 hour stretches, which makes a huge difference for me and my sleep, we don't want to make it more difficult to sleep train her later on.
Right now Marc is awesome and gets up anywhere between 5-7 am to give her a bottle. Then they have playtime and he puts her back down for me. This is absolutely wonderful because I sleep so well in the mornings.
She is super close to smiling. She opens her mouth really big and gives me a partial smile, but doesn't always do it. I can't wait til she does it on command. I think I may melt when this starts happening all the time.

I'm so looking forward to the Holidays this year. I'm not sure if you remember, but last year I didn't even put up a tree or send out a Christmas cards. We sure have a lot to be thankful for this year and we don't take it for granted.


Charity said...

i love her little schmoopy cheeks!!

and is that a dimple I spy??!

Linds said...

she is just beautiful! Connor didn't like to sleep laying flat either, which I eventually realized was reflux related. We had to prop his crib mattress for the longest time because of it. He got out of it though, and sleeps great now :) I guess I say all that so that you don't get too down on yourself if she only sleeps a certain way and it's not like the books say it will be :)

Stefanie said...

If it provides any encouragement, Cora slept in her napnanny until the day before she turned 4 months, and then again for a week when she had a cold. Readjusting to sleeping in her crib only took a couple of days each time ... hopefully it won't be too bad whenever you decide to move Maren out of it!

emily said...

She's adorable! I can't believe she's 6 weeks already.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Carrie said...

She is just that little dimple!!