Thursday, December 13, 2012

2 months!

I'm about a week late on this, but sweet girl turned 2 months on 12-8-12! I'm always hesitant to do this kind of post because I know no one honestly cares, but I'm honestly going to turn this blog into a book for us someday and I want to remember what she was doing at this stage!

First of all, I swear she knows when I put that sticker on her that she knows exactly what I'm doing and decides not to cooperate. Seriously she gets mad every time I do this! As you will see, I made 2 attempts at getting a decent pic and failed both times! Ha.
and yes she has her own christmas tree in her room!

What she is up to these days:
-she loves the morning time.
-she smiles, laughs and coos a ton
-she's obsessed with her auntie meg. Like i think she likes her better than me or thinks she has 2 moms. Not sure, but she lights up when Meg enters the room.
-she is so alert
-she loves her bouncy seat that vibrates and just now starting to love her swing.
-she loves the car and her car seat
-she gets tired of being held and sadly prefers to be left alone in one of her seats most of the time. Miss independent.
-she has a fussy time anywhere between 5-7pm almost every night
-She sleeps from 9:30-2,3,or4am and then wakes up again by 7.
-she is still sleeping in her nap nanny. Hoping to phase this out after the Holidays
-we can usually lay her down and she will fall asleep on her own
-we swaddle, she doesn't love it, but she sleeps way longer with it. She fights it all night im pretty sure. She sometimes looks like she is boxing.
-we have several nicknames for her: punkin, precious, princess, miss priss, sweetness and we tell her she is very yummy.  Cheesy I know but we just can't seem to help it.
-she had her first cold a couple of days ago. So sad. broke my heart but she is fine now.
-she eats every 3-3 1/2 hrs. Takes a bottle like a champ and I think prefers that and I do a lot of pumping.
If she nurses it takes about 45 min.
-she finally is wearing 0-3 month clothing but can still fit in some newborns. she did outgrow her newborn sleepers though.
-she has her dad wrapped around her tiny little finger and all of her grandparents
-her cheeks are the most kissable things ever. And we wear them out daily. :)

We are head over heels and thankful for our early Christmas present!


Vicki and Don said...

I know she has her Nana Jan all wrapped up...and has from day one! :-)
She is soooo cute!!

Carly Grace said...

love those cheeks!

Carly Grace said...

Love those cheeks!