Tuesday, December 18, 2012

10 weeks and some shots

Yesterday miss Maren had her 1st round of shots and her 2 month wellness check-up. First of all she now weighs 10lb.2oz! I feel like celebrating this little victory since we have been working nice and hard for it! That puts her in the 25% for weight which is a great increase from 5% at her 2 week check-up! She is 21in long, which is only 10% and her head circumference is 14.8 which is in the 15%. All that to say she is still small, but at least starting to catch up somewhat!
Then it was time for those nasty, evil shots. They gave her 2 at the same time and she screamed and then I teared up immediately feeling so helpless. No worries, it was okay once she got that bottle! The rest of the night she wasn't too happy and started running a fever around 10ish. I gave her like a drop of tylenol (cleared by the dr of course) and then she slept til 5am! Definitely another small victory.

This weekend we went to Little Rock and hung out with her pop-pop and Nana Jan. Obviously she was pretty happy! I think she likes it there. I know she sleeps better and I do too, because they get up with her most times! Its a win-in for all. Marc was in the woods enjoying a "man" trip.

She will kill me for posting this someday, but just look at those rolls on her legs! Woohoo! She didn't have any meat on her when she was born, so we enjoy those sweet, chunky rolls!

Oh I did I mention I started back to work last Monday? Yeah, that wasn't fun. But I will not be returning after the 1st of the year. So I'm elated to get to stay at home with my little munchkin for at least her first year. I was blessed with the opportunity to work part time from home and can't wait! More on that later...


emily said...

So glad she's growing and doing so well! Shots are the worst, but thankfully it's over fast!!

Merry Christmas!

Charlotte said...

O had his 2-month checkup and shots yesterday too! He was screaming well before the nurse arrived with the needles themselves, and distracting him with stories about how bad polio was didn't help much, poor guy! Glad to hear the good news about Maren and I hope she feels better soon.