Thursday, December 6, 2012

Back in Business

Good news! I'm finally back in business and can start blogging again! Woohoo, Christmas came early and my sweet hubby surprised me with a new laptop. I have not had new computer in 10 years. literally when I left for college I got one and that's been it! I sort of feel behind the times trying to catch up.
all that to say, thanks honey! I'm excited to continue documenting our life.

In my absence, my baby turned 8 weeks old on Monday. She now also weighs 9.1! I'm so thankful she is growing even though she is still pretty small.

We get lots and lots of smiles these days and they melt us into mush each time!

She also has developed quite the pout, pout face. Another one of our faves.

3 of her favorite aunties! They watched her while we went out with Marc's dad and stepmom. So sweet. And auntie Liz (far right) came all the way from OKC to meet miss Maren this past weekend.

She also loves bath time. Calms her down every time and then she usually sleeps a really long time!

This sweet gown she is wearing was given to her by her friend, Olivia Grandle. I wrote about her story several months ago, but she lost her 3 sisters at birth and this was one of their gowns that she kindly shared with us. We will treasure it forever. And she obviously loves it!

Every picture I take of her I feel like looks different. I think she looks like her dad in this one. She definitely is a mixture though and has her own look.

Looking forward to blogging again, I've definitely been missing it.


oh little leah said...

It's about time. The people NEED more Maren pictures!

Mindy said...

I can't handle the cuteness!!!!!!

Vicki and Don said...

Oh my gosh! Love, love, love the pout face! So cute!!