Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lake time!

ANNND its been a month since I last posted. Ughh, I'm so mad at myself for not making the time to keep this up. Although, this past month has been on-the-go and a little cray cray. But I really want to start back up so Maren can know what all she got to do in her 1st year of life.
First of all, she will be 8 months in 4 days.. so I will do her 7th and 8th month post soon.

Secondly, We got to take her to the lake on memorial weekend. I was super nervous that she may not do well out on the boat.. which would be tragic for the whole family. But no need to worry, she LOVED it, I mean she did amazing. We were out there for 3 days straight and she got in the water, handled her bulky life jacket well, and even fell asleep sitting straight up and lying down. If you know my family, you know that my parents are there every weekend. Those were my summers and I loved every minute of it. I'm hoping Maren will get to do the same.
She is definitely a water baby! She is so much fun right now, and probably one of the happiest, laid back babies I've ever known. I'm swear I'm not trying to brag... but we are so thankful and can't get enough of her.

She just out of the blue started doing this crinkle nose, open mouthed smile and it cracked me up! She hasn't done it much in the past few days, but it was cute while it lasted.

and again :)

My favorite people at my favorite location!

Water baby! and it was freezing~

and again...

Must have a hair bow with the life jacket. 2 great accessories.

Hope you all had a great Memorial weekend as well!


emily said...

So glad she loves the water!!! Love the crinkled nose smile!

kate said...

I LOVE this age! They are just so happy and laid back and as cute as can be! Maren couln't be prettier! Play date ASAP!