Friday, August 29, 2008

Tailgating at its finest...

In honor College football kicking off, Marc wanted me to post a link. He has been working on a "special" project at work for about a year now. This project has been so fun for him. He manages and handles so much so I am really glad this was fun one for him.
He has been working on the ultimate, and I mean ultimate tailgating trailer. The trailers are really cool. They have flat screens, grills, satellite tv, sweet sound systems and lots more. To check it out go to: They are for sale at now and they also rent them out for things.
Anyways, this weekend we get to use one of the trailers at the Cahion-Martin tailgate in Lot 40, so come by and check it out! It will be pretty awesome. What a great way to kickk off the first Razorback game! woo hoo! GO HOGS!

I will post pics of our tailgating fun next week!

Have a great Labor day weekend!