Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Christmas Spirit

My sweet mother came up to help me and my other "mother" aka-M.O.M decorate for Christmas (my. other. mom. is what Marc and I like to call our mother-in-laws!)
She worked her little tail off for us to have beautiful homes nicely decorated for Christmas. We are both thrilled and love everything she did for us!
Thank you mom!

outside door


my tree- green, red, and gold

my table

mom, brenda and me
Brenda's beautiful mantle
Her beautiful orange, gold, and bronze tree!


RachB said...

your decorations are so cute it makes me sick.

you are beating me to everything!

still no card.

miss you love you

Vicki and Don said...

Your mom did an amazing job! I love what she's done for our house! Thanks for sharing your Christmas decorations! I'll have to post some of mine, but my blog is terribly outdated! :-( It's "".