Thursday, December 18, 2008

8 is great!

I have been tagged by Rachel to do this fun little blog game!

8 TV shows that I watch: (I would watch a whole lot more if I had DVR!)
1-The Office
2-Jon & Kate Plus 8
4-Top Chef
5-Project Runway
7-Real Housewives of OC- (I think its hilarious!)
8-Eli Stone

8 Favorite Restaurants (I loove to Eat!)
5-my in-laws (im with Rach on that!)

8 Things that happened to me today
1-I had to sleep upstairs due to a mouse keeping me and lou up by scratching on the wall
2-I Christmas shopped on my lunch break
3-I ate lunch in my car by myself in the walmart parking lot (I'm a loser)
4-I cooked 2 corn casseroles
5-I have my work Christmas party
6-I talked to Ben and Liz on gchat today
7-I received the cutest Christmas card I have ever seen- from the Nolen's
8-I had to spank Lou for barking at nothing once again

8 Things I look forward to
1-Having children someday (healthy ones at that)
2-Christmas next week
3-Seeing ALL of our family and friends the next 2 weeks
4-The mouse that has been living inside my bedroom wall to DIE
5-Good, fun surprises
6-Good food! (always)
7-growing old with Marc
8-being skinny/smaller someday after Christmas :)

8 Things I wish for
1-To be able to have kids
2-An I-phone (I'm with everyone on that, but it will never happen)
3-An Ipod- I haven't had one in 3 year-(which means I have not had any new music in 3 yrs)
4-For my back not to kill me during pregnancy
5-A son someday to be able to go hunting with my dad and Marc!
7-The mouse to go away so I could sleep in my own bedroom!
8-Marc not to hunt as much (wink, wink, I know that one is a long shot)

Now I get to to tag some friends! I tag- Louise, Leah, Chelsea, and Ben! Boys can play too!
Have fun!


RachB said...

HaHaHa... I love yours!! A few things...

-The mouse is cracking me up.
-Im going to go ahead and start praying for your back during pregnancy.
-you don't have DVR!!!??
-What did this awesome Christmas card look like?- you know Im going to be jealous...
-Ryan and I ate lunch in the car today too. Weirdness.
LOVE you and miss you

The Slonekers said...

Are you kidding me?!? I confessed to watching days of our lives and being grouchy towards del!!! You are amazing too and I am very thankful for your friendship.

Anonymous said...

Haha... wow, taking some aggression out on that mouse. As a matter of fact, we apparently have a mouse too... but our bleeding-heart landlords are forcing us to wait so they can get a humane mousetrap... I swear if this thing is here for another 2 years like that rat in my ceiling, I will never be the same.

Love you! - EAF