Monday, December 22, 2008

Quiet as a Mouse...

Nope, not hardly.
Everyone says that saying and I have no idea why.
We have had a little friend living inside our bedroom wall for quite sometime now. This mouse has driven me and Lou up the wall for about a week now. Getting into the wall is not really a possibility, because right above the wall is an upstairs room, and on the side is our laundry room. Lou would literally sit, stare, growl, and bark at the wall for hours. (if I let him), At night is when our friend would be the loudest. It would scratch, chew, jump, etc. The sounds made me want to go through the wall and just destroy it (i know, it sounds brutal for a little innocent mouse, but seriously I wanted to.) For 4 nights we slept upstairs because Lou could not ever calm down enough to actually sleep, which meant no sleep for me as well.
On a side note- Yorkshire terriers were originally bred in England to kill rats and mice in peoples flats. So he is just doing what he was bred to do!
Anyways on Saturday, the mouse finally got to Lou, he could take it no more. He was determined to get it. While Marc was wrapping presents and I was cleaning, Lou was in our room unattended and pulled a great big chunk of carpet up by the baseboard in our bedroom. There were strings going every which way and mounds of carpet were all around. At this point Marc came unglued because he thought he was going to have to re-carpet the whole entire room. I was just hoping we could get to the mouse to kill it or should I say "kindly remove it from our house!" Luckily we found an extra strip of carpet in the garage and Marc did some surgery on it and it looks great now!
All that to say, we have not heard from the mouse in 2 days! We have slept in our room for 2 nights YAY! So maybe Lou scared it off. Probably not, but it is either gone or actually being "quiet as a mouse"


RachB said...

I love it!!! Way to go LOU~~!!!