Monday, December 1, 2008


HI! I hope everyone had a tremendous Thanksgiving. I know we sure did. It was wonderful to be with our families (well most of them) We missed the Yount side this year. We went to my parents lake house and had a great, laid back time. We didn't even eat turkey. Keith, (marc's step dad is an amazing cook, and he actually used to be a professional caterer. He made the most amazing piece of meat I have ever seen, a Massive prime rib! It cooked for 2 straight days! It was delightful! It was nice to not to have the usual turkey, I guess we are a pretty non-traditional family, but we love it!
Although I'm a bit disappointed in myself this year. I really did not sit down and think through all the many things I am thankful for this year, so I thought I would just list my top 10 right here so I wouldn't forget!
1-Having a relationship with Lord
2-My sweet, servant husband
3- My mom, dad, and sister
4- My "other" families...aka in-laws
5- Our amazing circle of friends
6-My job and Fellowship Bible Church
8- Forgiveness
9-a House, neighborhood and FENCE!
10-A car that is safe and works properly!

Now that thanksgiving is over I am full force into the Christmas spirit! I decorated my blog and my house tonight! The house is still kind of a working project, but I promise to post pics as soon as I finish, but not til then!