Monday, February 9, 2009

My 1st Baby shower...

Ha! Ok not really "my" baby shower, but my first one to attend and to throw happened this weekend! I was able to help throw a baby shower for my really good friend and old neighbor Katie Henry. Unfortunately she doesn't have a blog at this time, but she will when the baby comes! I will make her and help her! Anyways, it was such a blast and so much fun. All of my community group girls were the hostesses and we had a great time getting ready for it! The theme was "nesting." Katie is having a boy named, Sawyer and we can't wait to meet him. He is going to have some amazing parents. I can't wait to learn how to be a good parent by watching them.
Here are some pictures from the shower. These won't be quite as good as the professional photographer that was there, but you can gather the idea!

Wooden letters w/ scrapbook paper modge podged to them!

Food table: pinwheels, birdsnest cupcakes, speckled jelly beans, and nuts!

Katies "hostess" gift tree!

Present table! Decorated with white hydrangeas and birdhouses

Katie opening fun presents!

Wondering what all this stuff is!

What a great bestie! I love her lots and she will be a great mommy!


Corby and Lauren said...

Y'all did such a great job!!!! What a cute theme... so creative!!!! I'm sure it was such a wonderful time for Katie!

Daniel and Laura said...

OK, yes, your decorating was the cutest ever, but your HAIR - looking SO good! hot stuff.