Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentines Fun!

So Marc and I are not ones to celebrate Valentines very much, but we sure had BIG one this year! We started out by celebrating Thursday, 12th! On that night we watched our wedding video, in which we had not seen since our wedding! It was so fun to remember all the fun people and memories. I had so much fun at our wedding and rehearsal dinner. The next night we went to see Slumdog millionaire! Great movie, you should definitely see it. Marc really enjoyed since he has actually been to India a couple of times and has such a heart for those people.
On Saturday morning, we (as in Marc) made a yummy breakfast for my parents. They were staying with us because they had a wedding to go to Saturday afternoon! It was fun and they brought us some little treats!

Cute Parents!

Then Saturday afternoon we headed to Big Cedar with our friends, The Hartnesses and The Cashions. We all won a 2 night cabin stay to Big Cedar from a fundraiser thing we went to a couple of months ago! It was such a blast! As you will see in the pictures below! The guys cooked us an amazing meal with yummy steaks on Saturday night. Then Sunday morning we woke up to a light dusting of snow that was absolutely gorgeous! It was magical, especially being at Big Cedar! We then headed to our brunch reservations at the Worman House. (If you ever stay at Big Cedar, this is A MUST DO!) This brunch was unbelievable! It had 4 tables with lots of yummy food, and ICE sculptures! We were there almost 2 hours pacing ourselves so we could try all the yumminess. We were so incredibly full after all of that food, we had to go back to the cabin and nap for a couple of hours!
Then it was time for a little shopping so we could work off some of that food we had gorged ourselves with! We headed to the Tanger outlet malls and found some incredible deals! Marc got a new wardrobe- but he only goes shopping once, maybe twice a year! It was soo fun finding incredible deals! I didn't buy a shirt over $12! Most of them were $3-$6. I really think I would make a great personal shopper!
After shopping, believe it or Not we headed to Lamberts. If any of you do not know what that is, well you are missing out! We again went and gorged our faces with food, so much that one of us got REALLY sick!! (I won't say any names though!) If you have never had the Lamberts experience, you should go out of your way to eat at one, they are way worth it!
The next day, Monday, All of our Friends headed back to Fayetteville, but Marc and I decided to stay and have the day together in Branson. So we went to the Branson Landing and shopped a little more and had a wonderful lunch!
Last weekend was such a blast. I'm so thankful that we were able to get away for a little R&R and to have fun with friends! (Even though we ATE way too much!)

This would be Matt and Kara's sweetheart steak! Don't forget- They are Newlyweds!

This sign said- "Horses Can Bite, Please Do not reach into Corral"!
Louise had no idea!

Beautiful Snow!


Lamberts!!! Home of the Throwed Rolls!

Our Fabulous finds from shopping!