Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Black and White Delight

For those of you who know me pretty well, you know that I love the color orange, but that I also really love black and white things. I went black and white crazy in high school. I decorated my whole room in purely black and white pics. I love modern and contemporary things. Anything that is remotely out of the ordinary or different I will always like it. Anything that is not affordable- I love!
If I had it my way, which would seriously be impractical, my house would be extremely modern, with the low couches and beds, coffee tables etc, along with crazy art work and statues. And lots of clean lines!
So the other day I came across this blog- Can you imagine how pumped I was?
Everything they put on this blog are black and white things for sale. I was immediately in love! It also gives you great decorating ideas.

While I was looking at this blog the other day, I found this black and white bedding that I really liked. If you have ever been to my house, you know that I have a black, twin size daybed up in one of my extra bedrooms.


Its a super cute bed, just not so much a fan of the bedding. I got this bed from I.O. metro at their tent sale last year. My mom thought I was crazy for wanting a daybed, but it was the only size that would fit in one of my upstairs bedrooms. So I saw this bed several months earlier and LOVED it. Except the price tag was a whopping $900. The bargain shopper I am could not ever stomach paying that price.
My mom calls me from this amazing tent sale, and sh told me the bed was on sale for....... drum roll please- $150! Yep that's right, but don't think that's what I paid- because they thought they were missing a piece I actually got it for $100.00! Now that is a steal! And think how great of "BIG" bed that will make for a kid SOMEDAY!

All that to say, I really wanted some black and white bedding to go on it because 1- it would look cool and 2- I love black and white and 3- Its modern!
I have now looked for almost 1 year for twin size black and white bedding.
The other day while browsing:

I found this:

What do you think? It was a bed in a bag from for 75% off. I got the whole ensemble for $22.00 which included my tax and shipping! Yep that's right, the bed and bedding cost a grand total of $122.00!
That makes me excited! I love deals!

So lets compare 1 more time:

Thoughts? I know I have to add some more pillows, but should I throw in a color? Oh and where it looks faded- its actually gray. It just doesn't show up that well in the picture.


Mary Virginia said...

This is SO YOU! I love this site and the other color sites too! Thanks for sharing such a great find! Love you.

oh little leah said...

1. It looks great!!

2. I LOVE that site - I guess I had no idea you loved black and white so much or I would have shared! I am looking for black and white floor length curtains so I check that site often!