Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Would you just look at that yumminess!

Chubby cheeks are so tasty!

Although Sawyer is very yummy, I was actually going to tell you about this website I found. It is It has absolutely nothing to do with babies or food. It is an online bookmarking website. So all of those favorites you have listed under that little yellow star on the left hand side of your screen and all of those many favorite blogs you spend hours of your time reading, you can now organize them on this handy dandy website!
See its really no fun when your favorites quit working {and I would know because mine quit 2 months ago}, because then you have no idea who has updated and you seriously do not want to search through tons of blogs to see who has updated or not. Therefore, back to my point, this Delicious website allows you to add all of your favorite website, blogs, and feeds all in one place. You can check it from any place/computer and bookmark any website that you can go to. It also allows you to tag each website so they be really neat and organized!

So go try you some deliciousness in your life, whether you choose a baby, food, or website! Its all yummy!